Platinum is the ultimate in luxury. The number one choice for bridal jewelry. All of our platinum comes from Johnson Matthey, the world wide leader in platinum production.

**All of our platinum is Eco-friendly. Read our Environmental Policy or request a compliance letter from one of our suppliers. 


Another great choice. Slightly harder than platinum ruthenium. Some feel it has a blueish color. Please note it is also slightly magnetic.

Platinum Ruthenium Iridium Cobalt Hardness
95.20%   - 4.80% 135




This all-purpose metal is the rock star of platinum jewelry. This metal is the choice of most of the luxury brands in the U.S.

Platinum Ruthenium Iridium Cobalt Hardness
95.20% 4.80% - -  130




Used to be the standard bearer. A little softer and is very easy to work with. Please note that this metal is only 90% platinum and must be indicated that way in your hallmarking.

Platinum Ruthenium Iridium Cobalt Hardness
90%  - 10% - 80




This is a specialty item. It is harder than traditional platinum and is usually used for clasps.

Platinum Ruthenium Iridium Gallium Hardness
95.20% 2.40% - 2.40%