Brass & Bronze

This is our menu of non-precious choices. We “Do Not” cast in steel, pewter or titanium.

**All of our brass & bronze is Eco-friendly and 100% recycled precious metal. Read our Environmental Policy or request a compliance letter from one of our suppliers. 


Our formula for brass was developed in order to produce a beautiful yellow color that mimics 14 KT Yellow.

A similar Color to 14KT Yellow Gold for a affordable price

Copper Zinc Silicon
80% 13% 7%


This is the classic bronze. Some know it as “Evador”. If you are making bronze jewelry, this is the way to go.

Copper Silicon Mag Cobalt
95% 4% 1% -


Also known as “Nickel Silver” This metal will produce a nice white color.

Copper Silicon Nickel
57% 21% 22%